Re-opening July 2020


We are pleased to announce that we are reopening in July 2020. However, at this time SYC is still running only as a boat yard. The café remains shut, as does the private gym.

For your safety we follow a strict COVID-19 protocol for all patients. This means that new patient case histories will be taken over the phone in advance of your appointment. You will then be given an appointment slot when you can come into the practice for your treatment. Your osteopath will wear full PPE at all times and should you wish, you can purchase a mask and gloves from us at the price of £2.50.

To ensure your safety once you arrive at SYC, we are opening all doors from the back of the café, through the gym and into the clinic corridor. This will help to limit the number of doors that you have to touch. All door handles, seats, floors and desk areas within the clinic room will have been wiped with an anti bacterial spray, and hand sanitiser is available as soon as you enter the clinic room. You will be asked to use this sanitiser upon entering.. You are not obliged to wear a face mask or gloves, but you are at perfect liberty to do so, if you wish. Some patients just feel more comfortable wearing the additional protection, given the close proximity to their osteopath during treatment. And we want you to feel safe 🙂

In terms of Osteopath safety, we ask the same as we did pre-lockdown. That if you have any symptoms that may be related to Covid or you have been in touch with another person who may be carrying Covid, you do not attend with any physical appointments. We are happy to speak to you over the telephone, but we do not wish to put ourselves at risk nor that of any patient that we may see afterwards. We appreciate your cooperation.

Finally, we still ask that any patient who falls within the high risk category does not book or attend physical appointments. We are happy to talk to you over the telephone and do whatever we can to help you, but in the face of your safety, face-to-face appointments are dissuaded from at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience but we feel your safety is paramount.

If you have any questions before your visit, just get in touch. 🙂

Please note: Covid guidelines for osteopaths is extremely strict. As such result, we are using only disposable items on our clinic couches, to ensure maximum patient safety. This includes, disposable couch covers, pillow covers, body towels et cetera, in addition to the usual paper couch roll. We also have to wear fresh PPE for the treatment of every patients and the room needs to be cleaned down in between patients, meaning that we can only see ¾ the number of patients in a day. This comes at a cost of around £25 per patient to us, so we have had to charge a small additional fee of £5 per patient to help cover some of this additional expense. 
We hope you understand.