We are sad to announce that at this time Sandbanks Osteopathy is closed and we are not accepting patients for treatment or consultation.

Let our osteopaths educate, support and treat you, so that you can live the life you want.

Vitality & longevity, create a life fulfilled.

Our doors are open to all who seek total health and well-being. Members and non-members welcome.

Osteopathy is safe and effective for all ages of patients, from neonates to seniors. This is because osteopaths (especially those who integrate it with bodywork) utilise a wide range of techniques and approaches, that vary in depth and speed to suit the individual. So, whether you’re experiencing age related stiffness, sporting an injury or have a new-born baby with birth related challenges, our osteopaths are able to help. Effectively and safely. All osteopaths in the UK, must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council and as such, have undertaken vigorous osteopathic training at a Recognised Educational Institute. Typically, training is full time, takes four years to achieve and concludes in a degree. Each and every osteopath, is then expected to continue their educational pathway, with regular CPD events and specialist training in areas they wish to focus. More information about each of our practitioners can be found on “Our Team” page. 

Many think that osteopaths treat only those with muscle, tendon, bone and ligament related issues, but functional osteopathy and bodywork can be used for a wide range of health conditions, especially where the condition stems from stress and poor lifestyle choices. It is now commonly recorded (and researched) that emotional pressure, stress and anxiety, affects our physiology; and in return can cause ill-health. As such, our practitioners, are trained to review not only your symptoms, but the pathway that led to them in the first instance. This ensures that we get to the core of the problem to achieve the very best results. 

In addition to your treatment plan, our osteopaths are trained to empower and educate you, so that you understand the condition with which you are suffering and its origin. We achieve this through research, education and rehabilitation. Osteopathy can also be used preventatively, so you need not feel unwell to seek our help. You might just want to stay healthy in today’s challenging setting 🙂

What is Osteopathy?

Addressing the whole person, to achieve long-term health: mind, body & soul. Dustie & Eleanor have spent years practicing and teaching the philosophies and principles of osteopathy, concepts of functional medicine, and bodywork to create a bespoke approach that helps to identify the root cause of a problem or condition. And in doing so, are able to treat conditions that many struggle to address.

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Treatments & Services

Designed to help you achieve health, vitality and full function. Dustie has developed a range of techniques that treat the body as a single dynamic unit. Working closely to find the central cause of your discomfort (which may include direct injury, compensation patterns or changes linked to chronic pain). We then designs treatment plans that encourage longer lasting results.

Dustie Houchin (Osteopath)

Dustie and Eleanor are registered osteopaths (GOsC) with a combined experience of over 38 years, meaning that they have the collective knowledge to help you to achieve long-term results. Patients are given time to explore their medical history carefully, to ensures a more holistic approach, in line with today’s nutritional, epigenetic & functional approaches.

Where to find us.

Within the Sandbanks Yacht Company, 30-32 Panorama Rd, Poole BH13 7RD. THE PATIENT ENTRANCE IS TO THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING, VIA THE CAFÉ

The Boatyard Café is also available (most days) from 0900 to 1600hrs for friends and family to wait for you. Clean, well-behaved dogs also welcome.

PARKINGNon-members – On road parking available and local car parks within easy walking distance.

By Appointment Only