Osteopathy for Whole Health

Functional Osteopathic Medicine combined with Dynamic or Relaxing Bodywork & Cranial Osteopathy

Injury, pain, dis-ease and a lack of emotional balance is always a reflection of how we manage our lives. Inside and out.

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Osteopathy for Whole Health is particularly good for those who are tired of going from one practitioner to another. They just want to find a practitioner who listens and a treatment plan that offers long term results. We do this by giving you time. Allowing you to discuss your medical history and lifestyle preferences, (in conjunction with other emotional and environment factors), at a pace that works for you. This means that your entire case is heard. Not compartmentally, but as a whole. We then evaluate your needs and work toward a treatment and management plan that works for YOU. Further research and analysis of your past history, is also commonplace after the initial consultation, especially in complex cases. So, our relationship with you is ongoing and supportive and we will often share information with you between treatments, as appropriate. 

This approach ultimately saves time and money long term – compared with multiple short sessions, which often result in incomplete resolution of symptoms. This is because we are able to cover more ground per session and work with you on home activities or rehabilitation exercises that assist self-empowerment.

Ultimately, prevention is always better than cure and these treatments aims to achieve overall health and well-being long-term. They are not quick fix solutions. We approach the needs of the individual and, as such, treatment will vary, depending on how one’s body presents on the day. Sometimes treatment needs to be regular, (to help overcome long-term disharmony or chronic ill-health). But once on track, your osteopath may suggest treatment once every 1-3 months to ensure that the positive changes made during treatment can be maintained. You will also be offered advice and support regarding lifestyle management and healthy living.

Let us help you to be the healthiest version of you.

Our Osteopaths are GOsC Registered & Certified as Specialist in Paediatric Osteopathy

Dustie Houchin has worked in the wellness and therapeutic arts since she was 15 years old. She has educated, treated and nurtured patients from all walks of life, so that they may find peace of mind and health of body. She did this, by holding onto the origin of her art, which is Osteopathic Medicine, not reducing osteopathy to a form of manual therapy. Fortunately, she has been able to work with patients who value vitality and longevity over quick short term fixes, so that she may practice her work as it was intended; as a full body therapy, treating mind, body and soul. Eleanor joined forces with Dustie in 2012 and the team have worked together ever since, teaching all over the world. For more information on Dustie, go to her new blog: www.dustiehouchin.com

Eleanor Andrews is an exceptional educator and osteopath, who is happy to discuss the details of any case with her patients, so that they fully understand their condition and feel completely at ease with the treatment plan that she advises. Her enthusiasm and focus as an osteopath is to empower each patient with the tools they need to achieve maximum potential. This in turn helps them manifest long term health and vitality. Eleanor lectures internationally in osteopathy and animal osteopathy.

Having treated children of all ages for many years, the team decided to advance their qualifications in paediatric osteopathy, to ensure that they hold the highest qualification available in the UK for osteopathy for children. The resulting qualification was a PG Cert. from the University College of Osteopathy. In addition, they have both embarked upon a Paediatric Postgraduate Diploma programme with the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy. A 3-year programme of specialist cranial training, to further enhance their knowledge and skill set with children.

TESTIMONIAL – I first  consulted Dustie 7 years ago. I was immediately drawn to her holistic approach to the whole self which was different to other therapists I had experienced. At the time I had sciatica, tried a number of different treatments before a Dustie was recommended to me… and what a find. Within three consultations the issue was resolving. Thankfully.
I have continued my treatments more as a preventative/ maintenance approach visiting quarterly with a body in much better condition.
I have to say Sandbanks is certainly gaining wonderful expertise – I’ll miss her. Anne Hagger (Bucks)

Time Options & Price List

These sessions commence with a full body scan to evaluate how your body is coping with day to day challenges. This is a gentle and respectful process, aimed to locate the current areas of tension in your body. Following on from the consultation a bespoke treatment will be performed, using a variety of osteopathic treatments, dynamic and relaxing body work, breath work and energetic healing to help you achieve a sense of balance, harmony and health.

Initial Consultation, Assessment & Treatment (75 mins) £75.00 – patients who have not been to our clinic before, need first to book with us for a consultation, assessment and treatment. This is to ensure that we design treatments that suit your needs and body type. This session is also required if you have not been to us in over 12 months.

Initial Consultation, Assessment & Treatment (up to 75 mins) £75.00

Follow up treatment – up to 45 minutes. £57.00

Follow up treatment – up to 60 minutes. £69.00

Follow up treatment – up to 75 minutes £86.00

Follow up treatment – up to 90 minutes £103.50

Follow up treatment – up to 120 minutes £138.00

10% discount is awarded to SYC staff, NHS staff, military veterans and British Armed Servicemen/women (inc. Police) – Evidence must be produced at your first visit.

We also offer osteopathic treatments and packages for those who have a very specific problem and prefer shorter more directed sessions.

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