Functional Bodywork & Massage

Relaxation, Vitality & Functional Performance

Bespoke bodywork designed for YOUR needs

Treatment is designed to be relaxing, stimulating, healing or regenerative.

As suits YOU

Functional Osteopathic Bodywork is designed around you and your needs, which we know can change week to week. This is because, life has a habit of throwing curve balls at us, such as unexpected work/life challenges, unexpected stress, injury or illness.

The bonus is, that whatever the cause, a calm, relaxed body will always heal more easily than an uptight one, and that is the focus of this style of treatment. So, whether the tension in your body is work, play or age related, Functional Osteopathic Bodywork can help to loosen you up and give your body the vitality it needs to manage day to day. It also makes a great adjunct to Focused Care Osteopathic sessions or treatment that you maybe having with your Chiropractor or Physio.

Prices & Treatment Options

Initial Consultation, Assessment & Treatment (75 mins.) £75.00 – patients who have not been to our clinic before, need first to book with us for a consultation, assessment and treatment. This is to ensure that we design treatments that suit your needs and body type. This session is also required if you have not been to us in over 12 months.

Follow up treatment – up to 30 minutes £42.00

Follow up treatment – up to 45 minutes £57.00

Follow up treatment – up to 60 minutes £69.00

Follow up treatment – up to 75 minutes £86.00

Follow up treatment – up to 90 minutes £103.50

Follow up treatment – up to 120 minutes £138.00

Patients already having treatment with us, may book a follow up session (as below), but you must have been to us within the last 12 months and be presenting with a condition that we have helped you with before. New issues, require at least 60 minutes, so please book accordingly.

Functional Mat Work

Supported Functional Stretching & Breath-work

Aiding Functional Performance

Alongside Functional Osteopathic Bodywork or Focused Care Treatment, we often recommend a Functional Stretching session on the mat. This allows your osteopath to work freely with the body, without the limitation of a clinic couch. Lengthening muscles and fascial chains will allow freedom of movement in your joints and spine, offering a sense of vitality and mobility, which is hard to achieve when working alone. Classes are also available for those interested in learning to stretch with a friend or partner. Ask your osteopath for more details.

Functional mat treatment sessions – 30 minutes £45.00

Functional mat treatment sessions – 45 minutes £57.00

Functional mat treatment sessions – 60 minutes £69.00