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We offer a range of unhurried, bespoke osteopathic treatments that suit individual needs and help our patients to achieve the lasting results that they desire. Our comprehensive consultation process also means that Dustie can advise you on the best treatment and management plan for your needs both now and in the future.

Based on the principles and philosophy of osteopathic medicine, treatment can help to improve general health (including vitality, postural imbalance, longevity and emotional wellness), support focused challenges (e.g. in sports, rehabilitation or post-operative care) and the prevention of ill-health. Osteopathy is also excellent for children of all ages, especially if they have had a challenging entrance into the world.

Total Health & Prevention

Holistic treatment for those wanting help with overall health issues, such as stress reduction, better posture and balance, muscular relaxation and aches & pains. After the initial consultation, treatment for vitality and wellness typically lasts for 75-90 minutes and patients return every 1-8 weeks (as appropriate for the patient’s needs). The whole body is treated and sessions may include osteopathy, breath work and functional bodywork. Lifestyle advice will also be given to support treatment.

Children & Babies

Dustie has treated little ones for over 20 years and holds a PG Certificate in the Osteopathic Treatment of Children, which she acquired from the University College of Osteopathy. She treats every child with kindness and respect to ensure they feel safe and secure. Cranial osteopathy and classical osteopathic methods are used during treatment to offer the most holistic approach and best results.

If you are unsure if osteopathy is right for your baby, Dustie is happy to discuss this with you via a free telephone consultation. Email your details to:

Specific Conditions

If you have suffered an injury, have a specific muscular-skeletal problem, or need help with a sports related issue, “focused care” treatment may suit you best. This type of treatment aims to get you back in action and may include, rehabilitation support as required. Focused care may also suit women who suffer with pelvic pain or dysfunction, where specific support is required to retain pelvic harmony. Dustie is also happy to speak to your PT, physiotherapist or doctor if the need arises, to ensure the very best care is given. Treatment typically takes 30-60 minutes and frequency depends solely on the needs of the patient.

I’ve known Dustie for years. She has helped my recovery from a back injury and a series of other issues over the years. She’s a pleasure to know and always offers excellent advice to support recovery.

If I’m in pain – I don’t want to go anywhere else.

Testimonial from Niki Vail. December 2019.